About Us

Protect yourself from online fraud.

UNICEF is the world's largest and best-known organization dedicated to improving the lives of children. Because of our good reputation, unethical individuals may fraudulently use our name and logo to deceive UNICEF supporters in China.

Be aware of the risks:

  • Do not respond to communications that claim to be from UNICEF, but which prompt you to reply to an e-mail address with a public domain name (e.g., @sina.com).
  • Do not supply confidential personal information, like bank account numbers, in response to offers for commissions, prizes or grants that claim to be from UNICEF. UNICEF does not offer commissions, prizes or grants to individuals, and such offers are fraudulent.
  • If you receive a communication claiming to be from UNICEF, call our donor services number in Beijing to confirm that the communication is legitimate: (+8610) 85312666, 85312640 or 85312644 

For additional information about how to protect yourself from fraud, see our tips for avoiding fraud on our global website. 

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