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Wang Yuan


UNICEF Special Advocate for Education Wang Yuan, also known as Roy, is a Chinese well-known singer and actor. He is a member of a Chinese pop band TFBOYS.

In January 2016, Wang Yuan issued his first single entitled Cause of You which was composed by him. The song was rated the Top 10 of Asia Billboard for New Songs in 2016. In June 2016, Wang Yuan was awarded the Most Popular New Talent in the Ninth City Super Chart. He has starred in many movies and television dramas such as Finding Soul, Boy Hood and L.O.R.D. In 2017, Wang Yuan was awarded the Popular Star at the Weibo Movie Awards Ceremony.

On 30 January 2017, the two-day Youth Forum under the United Nations Economic and Social Council was convened in New York. Wang Yuan attended the forum and delivered a two-minute speech in English as the representative of the United Nations Imagine 2030 Campaign. Wang Yuan shared his perspective on quality education as one of the Sustainable Development Goals. He became the first Chinese artist to attend the UN Youth Forum at invitation as well as the first Chinese teen idol to take the international stage in the UN.

On 4 May 2017, Wang Yuan was awarded by China's Youth League as “Outstanding Youth Leader”.

As UNICEF Special Advocate for Education, Wang Yuan is devoted to promote quality education, especially focusing on the Child Friendly School project which aims to provide equitable and high quality primary education services for rural children in the western areas of China. In 2017, Wang Yuan participated in the UNICEF “Future + Me” digital campaign, calling for public awareness of clean water and hygiene for children. His active engagement in the campaign was widely applauded by the public on China's social media platforms.

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