Family-Friendly Policies

Redesigning the Workplace of the Future

Delfina Sanchez kisses her 2-year-old son, Ecni ‘Jesus’ Gonzalez Sanchez, who has cerebral palsy, at home in La Chorrera District in Panama Province.


For societies and economies to thrive, countries and businesses need to support workers as families and parents, through family-friendly policies, as they carry and raise children from pregnancy to school age. Family-friendly policies are defined as those policies that help to balance and benefit both work and family life that typically provide three types of essential resources needed by parents and caregivers of young children: time, finances and services. Mutual investment by families, businesses and the State in this critical phase of human life lays the foundation for children’s success in school, adults’ success at work, the ability of children and families to exit poverty, and lifelong health.

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