Pictorial Handbooks Sharing China’s knowledge and Practices in Improving Rural Living Environment


This handbook series on China’s rural living environment presents theories in simple language in a question-and-answer format and vividly introduces the practical knowledge of rural toilets, rural household waste recycling and rural wastewater treatment and utilization.

The three handbooks can be taken for reference by technical personnel and rural residents in other countries to better understand China’s practices and experience in technical mode selection and engineering construction for rural sanitation improvement, and awareness raising on rural environment protection, etc.

  1. Improving Rural Toilets: A Pictorial Handbook
  2. Treatment and Use of Rural Domestic Waste: A Pictorial Handbook
  3. Treatment and Use of Rural Domestic Wastewater: A Pictorial Handbook
Yujun Shen, Jingtao Ding, Huihui Wang et. al