3 ways to nurture your baby’s brain

Dr. Pia Britto, UNICEF's Chief of Early Childhood Development talks about the most important phase of life.

UNICEF/China/2017/Xia Yong

Your baby’s brain can only develop when it gets nutritious food, play time, lots of love and security… That’s ‘eat, play, love’! 

The most important phase of life is the first few years when you are a child. That’s when the brain grows really fast – faster than any other time in our life. The brain makes [more than 1 million] new connections every second! In fact, some believe that more than 80% of the brain is formed by the time a child turns three.” 

Eat: feed your baby nutritious food

A brain of a child is not that different from a seedling. They both need to be fed! Did you know that more than half of each meal goes to build a baby’s brain? All that energy sparks the brain connections. 

Play: play with your baby often

The next is play. Talking, singing, cuddling, playing with a young child is not just fun, it’s also important to fire up those brain connections. 

Love: show your baby some love

Lastly, babies need love – lots of love and a safe, happy environment to thrive. In other words, babies grow and learn through everyday moments. We shouldn’t underestimate the power of nutritious food, playtime and lots of love – loving babies, that’s what they need to be healthy and strong. 

Dr. Pia Britto is UNICEF's Chief of Early Childhood Development. 

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