4 things you can do to build trust with your child

Every child needs to be loved in order to thrive.

Provided by Hao Zhiming

Children develop a sense of trust in the world when their needs are met positively and consistently. Being sensitive and responsive to children strengthens relationships and positively influences development.

Relationship is the essence of education.

Loris Malaguzzi

Here are four things you can do to build trust with your child:

Develop a caring relationship with the child

Babies need to become emotionally attached to the important people in their lives. Care for their physical health and safety; spend time and show affection to babies and young children. Cuddle, talk, play, sing and read to them. Everyday nurturing interactions strengthen attachment and stimulate brain development.

Be a safe base for babies to explore their world

As babies venture out into their world, remain present and be a ‘safe base’. Encourage them to trust you will be there and will support and protect them. Allow children to take time and feel comfortable, especially in new environments and activities.

Create safe spaces and offer materials to explore

Provide simple low-cost, no-cost items such as coconut shells, bamboo, homemade rattles or small plastic bowls and containers for children to explore. Be there to assist, encourage and delight as they learn through exploration and discovery.

Focus on sensitivity and responsiveness

Learn how children communicate or signal what they need and want. When they are hungry, tired or excited, ask yourself, “how do they let me know?” Respond to those needs promptly and with care. Learning and responding to a baby’s signals is like learning to dance with a new partner. The baby leads with expressions, movements and sounds. The parent or caregiver watches and responds. Together, a loving and caring bond is created.