Census Data About Children in China 2013

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Census Data About Children in China 2013
UNICEF/China/2012/Jiang Hongjing


Children are the foundation of our society and culture, and the healthy development of children is the basis for positive human and social development. In recent years, great improvements have been made in the survival and development of China's children, but great internal disparities remain. Factors such as unbalanced regional development, rapid socioeconomic transformation, and mass internal migration have resulted in survival and development challenges for many children, and the overall situation of child development in China should be further promoted and improved. This publication describes and analyzes the status of China’s child population, based on data from the 2010 Census and previous Censuses. The Census is a rich source of basic data and information on the child population and its characteristics by sub-groups, and analysis of Census data can support enhanced understanding of and more evidence-based decision making on issues affecting children.

Census Data About Children in China Facts and Figures 2013
National Bureau of Statistics of China, UNICEF China, UNFPA China
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