Developmental Milestone for Children 0-6 Years

Normal growth and development is an important sign of health


Normal growth and development is an important sign of health, this "development" there is a certain law is both continuous and periodic. In different ages have different signs of development. We can observe and analyze these signs, to understand their children physical and mental development of the status quo whether within the normal range. However, due to it by the influence of a variety of factors (genetic, environmental, education, etc.), there are significant individual differences, for example, some children speak earlier, some children climb will not climb, this is normal. . Therefore a sign of age is not absolute. If your child's development with the following sign discrepancy, do not worry. Need to be reminded that if your child appears in the "warning", you should promptly consult your local doctor or early childhood educators. These symbols indicate significantly behind in the development of certain aspects of your child, you must identify the reasons for, and take timely measures. The great plasticity of the child's early development, but also vulnerable to damage, developmental abnormalities found sooner, more timely treatment, the greater the likelihood of rehabilitation.

Developmental Milestone for Children 0-6 Years
Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, UNICEF
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