Keep Children Away from Accidental Injuries

Protect the Lives and Safety of Children


In China, according to incomplete statistics, each year there are at least 1 million children have been variousforms of unintentional injuries, accounting for 10% of the total number of children. Of these, about 100,000children have died, more than the cause of mortality due to infectious diseases, nutritional diseases and malignant tumors, in addition, nearly 500,000 children became disabled.

The most serious consequences of accidental injuries caused by child deaths, this is undoubtedly a disaster for a family, more children will lead to physical disability or mental trauma due to accidental injury, which will not only affect children future development, but also to families and society a heavy burden and far-reachingimpact.

Protect the lives and safety of children, children from harm related to children's healthy development, but also to the well-being as well as social stability and development of millions of households.

Keep children away from accidental injuries
Ministry of Education for the People's Republic of China, UNICEF
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