China National Program of Action 2011-2020

Facts and Figures

NPAs for 2011-2020: Facts and Figures
UNICEF/China/2020/Xia Yong


In July 2011, the State Council promulgated the China National Program for Women's Development (2011- 2020) and the China National Program for Child Development (2011-2020), hereinafter the NPA-Women and the NPA-Children, respectively. The two NPAs put forward targets to achieve for women and children by 2020 in the areas of health, education, economy, participation in decision-making and management, social security, welfare, environment and legal protection. By the end of 2020, new historic achievements were realized for women and children in the above-mentioned areas, and the key targets were achieved on schedule. Notably, the status of women in society has significantly improved, and the environment for child development has been further enhanced. Referencing relevant statistics, this document presents data and charts on the development of women and children, and the achievements made towards the two NPAs in the past decade.

National Bureau of Statistics of China, UNICEF China, UNFPA China
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