Women and Men in China

Facts and Figures 2012


This publication is compiled to demonstrate women's development, the progress of gender equality, the living status of women and men and the existing gender disparities in China.

There are ten chapters in this book:

  1. Population;
  2. Marriage, Family and Family Planning;
  3. Employment;
  4. Income and Social Security;
  5. Education;
  6. Health;
  7. Social and Political Participation;
  8. Justice and Crime;
  9. Gender-Related Conceptions;
  10. Data by Province.

The definitions of key statistical indicators are attached at the end of each chapter.

The data and statistics included in this publication are drawn from national population censuses, 1% population sample surveys, Population Statistical Yearbooks, Labor Statistical Yearbooks, Annual Statistical Reports on NPA (National Program of Action) Monitoring for Women and for Children, and thematic surveys conducted and annual reports produced by relevant ministries under the State Council.

The data and statistics of Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR and Taiwan Province are not included in this publication.

Gender equality is an important objective of human development. Ever since the 1970s, the UN has convened four sessions of World Conference on Women to advocate gender equality and eliminate discrimination of all forms against women. The ideas of “equality, development and peace” have drawn extensive attention and positive responses from all governments around the world. Gender equality has become an irreversible trend.

The Government of China has constantly attached great importance to the issues of women. It has established gender equality as one of its basic national policies, formulated laws for the specific purpose of guaranteeing women's legal rights and interests, and ratified a number of international conventions. Since the turn of the 21st century, the Government of China has committed to women's development by adopting a series of policies and measures to ensure women's rights in such fields as politics, economy, culture and social life.

Women and Men in China - Facts and Figures 2012
Department of Social, Science and Technology, and Cultural Statistics, National Bureau of Statistics
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