20 March 2019

Consolidated Executive Summary on China Child Survival Strategy Studies

Background Children are the hope of families and the future of our country and nation. Childhood is a critical period for lifelong development. Providing opportunities for child survival, development, protection and participation, and meeting children's needs for development, protection and participation will fulfill their full potential and provide a solid foundation for lifelong development. Improving child health status and reducing child mortality rate also reflects the realization of child right on survival and development. The Government of China always attaches great attention to the improvement of women and children's health. Reducing maternal and child mortality rates has always been the priority for the Government agenda. To achieve the Millinium Development Goal (MDG) 4, the government adopted a set of well-targeted strategies and interventions, with great outcomes achieved. Objectives The objectives of the study is as following: (1) Based on the high-effective and low-cost interventions recommended by international community, propose a set of interventions to further reducing child mortality and improving child health status for the period of 2015-2020, with consideration of China context; (2) Analyze of facilitating factor and barriers for intervention adoption, the supporting environment and resources needed; (3) Develop indicators and tools to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of strategy implementation; (4) Develop the national child survival strategy for government adoption and policy development.