12 May 2022


Child overweight and obesity rates have grown rapidly in China over the past decades. Over 15 million in China are obese [1] . The prevalence of overweight and obesity among children aged 6 to 17, which reached 19 per cent in 2020 [2] , continues to increase year by year. Without action, the threat of childhood obesity could have severe short-term…, #KnowYourFood Convenience Store, Mock convenience store highlights food environments around children Convenience stores near schools or in communities expose children to ultra-processed foods high in fat, sugar, salt and energy. To help children and young people understand the potential health hazards of ultra-processed snacks, the campaign unveiled a pop-up convenience store…, #KnowYourFood Laboratory, Some of your favourite snacks are known for containing high amounts of sugar, fat or salt, but how high can it be? The result might surprise you. We invited Dr. David Evans, a chemistry professor from the Beijing University of Chemical Technology and popular video blogger, to explore the truth about the ingredients through fun experiments. 'We…, Tips for children and young people, Follow these six recommendations to maintain a healthy diet. Yes, you can! Eat five types of vegetables “知食”就是力量海报-蔬菜 Eat recommended snacks “知食”就是力量海报-零食 Eat less ultra-processed food “知食”就是力量海报-加工食品 Say No to sugar-sweetened beverages “知食”就是力量海报-含糖饮料 Let's move together “知食”就是力量海报-运动 Get enough sleep “知食”就是力量海报-充足睡眠  The One-week Challenge Are…, Teaching nutrition, In collaboration with nutrition experts, UNICEF has developed nutrition education materials for school children. These sessions can fit into the syllabus of primary and secondary schools. UNICEF will also help schools create a healthier food environment. Facilitator guide 营养课宣讲介绍手册 Slides “知食”营养课课件 One month without sugar-sweetened beverages We…, Tips for parents, Keep these tips in mind next time you cook for or dine out with your child 知食就是力量课件-家长版 Slides for parents A girl eats a healthy lunch How to support your child if you are concerned about their weight Joaquín, 2, helps his mother, Rosina, pick apples in the family's orchard at their home in a rural area of the department of San José, Uruguay. How…, Enable healthy choices, Unhealthy food environments are undermining children’s rights to adequate nutrition and contributing to rapid increases in overweight and obesity. We need urgent action to improve them. Three factors increasing child obesity rates Child obesity rates are soaring. Here are three drivers of this alarming trend. Reshaping urban retail food…, Reports and research, Weibo QRcode WeChat QRcode
04 March 2022

How to support your child if you are concerned about their weight

It can be difficult to watch your child struggling with their weight. As a parent, you want to do everything you can to help your children – especially when they are stressed. Here are some ways to help support your child if you are worried that their weight may be affecting their health and well-being. If you are concerned about your child’s…, Avoid blame, Young people can gain weight due to several reasons outside of their control or individual behaviour, often with complex causes. Children who struggle with their weight frequently experience bias, stigma and bullying. It’s critical to stay away from blaming your child, and instead try to understand the structural issues at play that encourage…, Have healthy conversations, In a fast-changing digital landscape, it is important to remain aware of threats to the mental health and well-being of your child as it relates to their confidence and body image issues. These can range from social media posts stereotyping weight or encouraging eating disorders, to the constant corporate marketing of unhealthy junk food targeting…, Focus on healthy behaviours, Unless advised by a health professional, focus on “health and a healthy goals” rather than weight loss. Healthy eating and physical activity behaviours do not become routine overnight. It takes time, effort and perseverance from you and your child to make changes that last. Any big, sudden alterations to your child’s diet and lifestyle are…