Early Moments Matter

Because the first 1,000 days of your child’s life can impact the rest of their lives.

A mother holds a baby after paying a visit to the maternal and child hospital in Yulong County, Yunnan Province, in 2018.
UNICEF/China/2018/Ma Yuyuan

Parenting is not about perfection

Provide the protection, stimulation and nutrition to children

Parenting is hard work

17 million children in China under the age of 5 do not reach their full potential because of early adversities related to poverty, health, nutrition and care. 

Between birth and the age of five, children’s brains grow rapidly, developing the social, emotional, and intellectual skills needed to acquire and understand knowledge, form beliefs, make decisions and interact with others. 

Parents and caregivers can do their best by providing children with nutrition, stimulation and protection, or more simply: eat, play, love. It’s these fundamentals that have a positive impact on babies’ brains and development during their earliest years. 

Tell government and business leaders how they can support you as a parent.

The results will be shared with government and business leaders at UNICEF’s Redesigning the Workplace of the Future: Sharing Responsibility for Family-Friendly Policies summit on 19 July 2019.

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With every hug and every kiss, every meal and every game, you can help your baby develop in so many ways.

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Parents want to do best by their children, but often do not have the information, time or support they need to give children the best start in life. Our guide to parenting has the most accurate and up-to-date information on raising a happy and healthy child.

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