Our Partners

Together, we are making a positive impact on the lives of millions of children in China and beyond.

Girls and boys playing and laughing, rural China.

UNICEF works with all levels of government, corporate partners, philanthropists and celebrities.

Corporate partners

UNICEF's partnerships with the private sector are a vital part of our work to improve children’s lives in China.

Our private sector collaborations provide resources to support UNICEF programs that address children’s needs and provide a platform for businesses to promote child-rights in their socially-responsible engagement with the community.

Corporations are increasingly recognizing both the moral obligation to further children’s rights in their operations, products and marketing practices, as well as the practical benefits of doing so. 

Businesses with a child-rights focus enjoy better reputations and higher brand value, in addition to attracting investors, building public trust and contributing to more sustainable and inclusive markets.

HNA Group Co., Ltd.

HNA Group Co., Ltd. formed a partnership with UNICEF in 2010. The company responded to the needs of children affected by the Haiti earthquake and helped support UNICEF's work to provide short and long-term care to the many who had lost their homes and were displaced.

From 2010 to 2011, HNA sponsored a summer camp for vulnerable children in Hainan that raised awareness about children's rights and protection. Camp participants learned life skills, learned about the rights enshrined to children in the Convention on the Rights of the Child and learned skills on how to express their opinions on issues affecting them.

Porsche (China) Motors, Ltd.

Porsche (China) Motors Ltd. has partnered with UNICEF since 2008.  Porsche made a substantial contribution to UNICEF's Wenchuan earthquake emergency response.

Since 2009, Porsche has been partnering with UNICEF to contribute back to society through various projects, including the Mobile Educational Training and Resource Units project, the Integrated Early Childhood Development project, and the METRU Plus & Effective Teaching and Learning project. 

From 2015, Porsche expanded its partnership with UNICEF on the METRU Plus & Effective Teaching and Learning project, aiming to explore a student-centred approach, provide students with a comprehensive, highly-participatory, friendly and safe learning classroom environment, and to improve the quality of teaching for children in remote areas of China. This project will benefit approximately 127,850 children and 7,610 teachers in 222 schools in five project counties in remote and poverty-stricken areas of western China.

To date, Porsche has donated more than RMB 65 million and 10 Cayenne sport utility vehicles to UNICEF.

Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide

Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide has partnered with UNICEF for more than twenty years on the Check Out for Children™ programme. Check Out for Children™ is a simple, yet effective, fundraising programme that invites guests to add one US dollar (or the equivalent in local currency) to their room bill upon checking out.

In addition, Starwood Hotels & Resorts also organizes the Check Out for Children Challenge each year. This initiative, which has been running since 2003, sees the staff of Starwood hotels compete to raise funds for UNICEF.

By the end of 2018, over 170 Starwood hotels and resorts in China have participated in the Check Out for Children™ programme, raising approximately US$ 3.4 million for the most vulnerable children in China.

Since 2016, the Check Out for Children™ funds have been used to support UNICEF’s WASH in Schools project, helping UNICEF provide basic water, sanitation and hygiene services to 23,943 children in 50 rural schools at Mi Le County in Yunnan Province.

In the past, the COFC partnership also supported the EPI (Expanded Programme on Immunization) project and the Social and Emotional Learning project in China.

Springs Capital

Since the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak in January 2020, Springs Capital proactively reached out and expressed a willingness to support UNICEF in the emergency response in collaboration with the Government of China. Springs Capital (Beijing) and Springs Capital (Hong Kong) have donated to UNICEF RMB 3 million and US$ 500,000 respectively to be used for the global procurement of medical supplies to support frontline health workers in China fighting against the epidemic.

Tencent and Tencent Foundation

The strategic partnership focusing on child online protection between UNICEF and Tencent was announced in March 2017. Tencent Foundation has committed to donating RMB 10 million to UNICEF over three years from 2017 to 2019, to provide a safer and secure internet for children and adolescents, including through research and public advocacy, industry coalition building and engagement, public awareness and communication. UNICEF will provide its knowledge, expertise, tools and a child rights perspective to Tencent and other information and communications technology (ICT) companies in order to advance their policies on child online protection.  

In the internet era, children have more opportunities to realise their rights to learn, express themselves and participate meaningfully in their communities. However, the internet also poses significant challenges to children's safety. UNICEF globally has been engaged in online safety for children for a number of years. Under the #WePROTECT Global Alliance, UNICEF is calling on national governments to establish coordinated responses between criminal justice systems including law enforcement, and child welfare, education, health and the ICT sectors, as well as civil society, to better protect children from online sexual abuse and exploitation. Tencent is the first Chinese company to sign on to the #WePROTECT global initiative.

Become a corporate partner today

If your business or corporation would like to become a partner of UNICEF in China, please call (86-10) 85318430. 


Celebrities can make very special contributions to improving the lives of children in China.

Celebrities are in a unique position to share their passion for helping children and bring to the attention of a large audience the issues relating to children's rights and the needs of vulnerable children. 

UNICEF was the first United Nations agency to appoint celebrities as Goodwill Ambassadors.  All celebrities who put their talents to work for UNICEF share a dedicated commitment to improving the lives of children. Today, more than 200 celebrities and artists worldwide serve as UNICEF Ambassadors at the national and international level.

In China, our celebrity Ambassadors and Special Advocates are committed to improving the lives of children in China.

Wang Yuan

UNICEF Ambassador Wang Yuan, also known as Roy, is a Chinese singer and actor, and member of Chinese pop band, TFBOYS.

Wang Yuan sprung into the limelight following the release of his first hit single, ‘Cause of You’, which made it to Asia Billboard’s Top 10 in 2016. He has starred in movies and television dramas, including ‘Finding Soul’, ‘Boy Hood’ and ‘L.O.R.D.’. He has also accumulated numerous accolades, including ‘Most Popular New Talent’ in the Ninth City Super Chart, ‘Outstanding Youth Leader’ at China’s Youth League, ‘Popular Star’ at the Weibo Movie Awards, and one of Time Magazine's global top 30 influential teens. 

As a UNICEF Ambassador, Wang Yuan promotes access to quality education, especially for disadvantaged children in rural China, raises awareness on the importance of clean water and hygiene for children, and urges young people to contribute their ideas and talents towards supporting the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In 2017, Wang Yuan became the first Chinese artist to attend the UN Youth Forum.

Chen Kun

UNICEF Ambassador Chen Kun, also known as Aloys Chen, is one of China's most popular actors and singers. 

Chen Kum has starred in several television dramas and films, and his acting has won him ‘Best Actor’ nomination for 'Taiwan's Golden Horse Awards in 2005, and the ‘Best Actor’ prize at the Huabiao Film Awards in 2007. Chen Kun is also a successful singer and recording artist with three album releases and an MTV Asia Award for ‘Most Popular Male Vocalist’ in 2006.

As UNICEF Ambassador, Chen Kun visits UNICEF and Government of China field projects to learn about the challenges facing children in China's poorer communities and helps to empower the public to play their part in improving the situation of children. With more than 94 million microblog followers, Chen Kun often writes about his thoughts on philanthropy and shares information with his followers on UNICEF's mission and on urgent children's issues. Chen Kun has long been involved in social causes and philanthropy in China.

Ma Yili

UNICEF Ambassador Ma Yili is one of China's most famous actresses.

Ma Yili started her acting career in 1996 and gained nationwide popularity in 2007 when starring in the television series ‘Strive’.  Since then, she has collected more than 20 awards in recognition of her performing achievements in film and television.

As UNICEF Ambassador, Ma Yili supports the 10m2 of Love campaign by promoting workplace and public building breastfeeding rooms in China, and raising awareness and support for breastfeeding mothers. She also emphasizes the importance of ensuring quality early childhood development services and comprehensive care for children in the first few years of life.

Yang Lan

UNICEF Ambassador Yang Lan is one of China's most popular broadcast journalists and most successful entrepreneurs. 

Her talk show ‘Yang Lan One-on One’ has introduced Chinese audiences to people like Former US President Bill Clinton, former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and American businessman Jack Welch. As Co-founder and Chairperson of Sun Media Group, Yang Lan has received numerous awards and honors, including being named one of the ‘Top Ten Women Entrepreneurs’ in 2002, and being honored as one of ten ‘National Women Pacesetters’ by the All China Women's Federation in 2010. She founded the Sun Culture Foundation and received China's National Philanthropy Award in 2008.
As UNICEF Ambassador, Yang Lan continues her dedication and commitment to social service and children. In her work with UNICEF, Yang Lan raises awareness about breastfeeding, the importance of vaccination to prevent childhood diseases, and the importance of handwashing with soap after using the toilet and before eating.

Maggie Cheung

UNICEF Ambassador Maggie Cheung is one of the world's most famous movie stars. 

She has graced more than 75 films, including dramas, action movies and comedies. For her exceptional range and talent on the screen, Maggie Cheung has won many awards, including ‘Best Actress’ at the 1992 Berlin Festival for Centre Stage, and the Palm d'Or ‘Best Actress’ prize at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival.

In her role as UNICEF Ambassador, Maggie Cheung shares her passion for helping the most vulnerable children, like those affected by HIV and AIDS, migrant children, children left behind and children with disabilities. Maggie Cheung raises awareness about and serves as a spokesperson for the establishment of a comprehensive child welfare framework in China.

Champions for Children

Philanthropy can make an impact on the lives of children in China.

By exerting their influences and convening resources, 'Champions for Children' play a unique role in supporting UNICEF's programmes, including the 'Barefoot Social Workers' project (also known as 'Child Welfare Directors’ project).

Since 2010, UNICEF has worked with the Ministry of Civil Affairs to pilot ‘'Barefoot Social Workers ' in 120 project villages in central and western China. 'Barefoot Social Workers ’ support, monitor and report cases of disadvantaged children, lend social assistance and offer emotional care and guidance.  Since the launch of the project in 2010, each 'Barefoot Social Workers has helped nearly 100 children to get welfare support, benefiting more than 100,000 children in total. The General Office of the Ministry of Civil Affairs issued a notice to pilot the grassroots child welfare service mechanism in 2015 and decided to scale up the 'Barefoot Social Workers' project in 100 counties and 1,000 villages across China.

Dr. Jin Hyenmi

As a Champion for Children, Dr. Jin Hyenmi works with UNICEF to advance child rights in China.

Dr. Jin Hyenmi, also known as Xuan Mei, received her bachelors and masters from the Chinese Department of Ewha Women's University in Republic of Korea, and a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from Peking University. Dr. Jin established the ARTMIA Foundation, which provides a space for new artists throughout East Asia, with a vision of integrating art back into our fast-paced contemporary lives, to exhibit their work. Dr. Jin believes in the power of art to embody and inspire human aspiration for virtue and excellence. Dr. Jin is committed to fostering a wide exchange of diverse and refreshing ideas about contemporary art in Asia and its roots in oriented culture.

Tong Shumeng

As a Champion for Children, Tong Shumeng supports UNICEF to advance child rights.

Tong Shumeng is the president of Dong Fang Wen Chuang, founder and president of Rainbow Public Welfare Foundation, and the vice-chairman of SEE Foundation. She has worked in the fields of culture, art media and emerging market investment and keeps funding and contributing to public welfare and charity. Being a rural volunteer teacher in her early times and a sponsor today, Ms. Tong has always been part of the cause. Founded in 2007, the Rainbow Public Welfare Foundation has established 58 rural libraries in poor mountainous areas, set up spiritual growth courses in 20 schools for children of migrant workers in suburban Beijing, and funded a folk history writing project and rural teacher training programme. In addition, she has promoted the funding for a series of significant eco-environment protection projects during her four-year tenure as the leader of the SEE project audit committee.

Wang Ying

Wang Ying is the sponsor representative of Zhong De Securities, a securities joint venture established by Deutsche Bank AG and Shanxi Securities Co. Ltd. and one of the first groups of security firms to operate in China. Zhong De provides a full range of investment banking services to its clients, including securities underwriting and capital markets related advisory services. Wang Ying is also a sponsor of the Refugee Issue Study and Research at Peking University. Born in 1971, Wang Ying received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Arabian Language and Culture from Peking University. She has a daughter who currently studies at New York University.

Ng Sze Ying

Armed with a Bachelor of Arts from Cornell University,  Ng Sze Ying has worked for Morgan Stanley and the Proudfoot consulting firm. She also established a technology company for developing mobile applications with her husband. Currently, she is running her own business mainly on investment in culture-related programmes and is preparing to set up an non-governmental organization for education.