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In 1947, China became the first country in Asia to welcome a partnership with UNICEF, and our first programme provided emergency relief services to children.

Today, UNICEF China has around 100 staff members based in Beijing who work in the areas of child protection, child health and nutrition, education, social policy, south-south cooperation and emergencies.

China has made great progress improving the lives of children and women. But there is still work to do to ensure that every child in China has a fair chance.

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Current Vacancies

Regular Positions

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 Partnerships Manager (Philanthropy)


Feb 23 2020

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Senior Consultancy - Development of Internal UNICEF position on the Social Assistance Act in China with regards to Child-Sensitive social protection

Feb 22 2020

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Consultancy - Review of Social Assistance Legal and Regulatory Frameworks in Selected Countries and Legislative Recommendation for the Government of China

Feb 22 2020

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Consultancy - Digital Copywriter

Feb 20 2020

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Consultancy - Telemarketing Consultant

Feb 20 2020

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No vacancy. 

UN Volunteers


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No vacancy.

What we look for

UNICEF/China/2015/Xia Yong
Dr. Yang Zhenbo, WASH Specialist at UNICEF China, talks to children at a school in Zhong County, Chongqing, in 2015.

UNICEF China looks for committed professionals willing to engage in challenging and rewarding work to ensure that the benefits of the country's development reach every Chinese child who needs help.

Our workforce is made up of different categories of staff, with different levels of responsibilities, expertise, and duties. From our international professionals to the national officers and general service staff, everyone has a unique contribution to achieving our mandate.

UNICEF China is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce and encourages qualified female and male candidates from all national, religious and ethnic backgrounds, including persons living with disabilities, to apply to become a part of our organization. All staff must share our organization’s values of diversity and inclusion, integrity and commitment and meet our core employment competencies of communication, working with people, and drive for results. These competencies are behaviours that are used to achieve results for UNICEF.

Learn more about UNICEF competency definitions

How to work with us

UNICEF/China/2014/Xia Yong
Wang Xiaolin (R1), Child Protection Officer at UNICEF China, introduces UNICEF’s Early Childhood Development kit to villagers at a shelter in Ludian, Yunnan Province, following an earthquake in 2014.

International Professional (IP)

Our International Professional (IP) staff are recruited internationally and many of them usually hold leadership, managerial, or specialist functions. Because these roles require a certain level of technical expertise, usually an advanced master's degree from an accredited institution is usually a minimum requirement for posts in this category. IP staff is expected to rotate to new duty stations based on the rules on mobility and tour of duty. 

Learn more about IP staff requirements

National Officer (NO)

National Officer (NO) staff are nationals of the country where their duty station is located. They perform functions of a technical and professional nature. The requirements for the NO staff category are like those of International Professional (IP) staff, with a more pronounced emphasis on in-depth knowledge of the local setting, institutions and partners.

Learn more about NO staff requirements

General Service (GS)

General Service (GS) staff are locally recruited and provide administrative and support services across all areas of the organization. Completion of secondary education is required while a first level university degree is an asset.

Learn more about GS staff requirements


Consultants and individual contractors accomplish within a specified period a defined task for which the necessary expertise is not readily available within the organization. Requirements vary greatly depending on the purpose of the assignment.


Participants of the Internship Programme are required to be currently enrolled in a degree programme.


We accept volunteers from the UN Volunteers Programme, which offers paid volunteer opportunities, starting from a minimum of two weeks to a maximum of six months.

Learn more about UN volunteers

What we offer

UNICEF/China/2019/Yang Jingjie
UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore (R5, 1st Row) joins UNICEF China staff in a group photo at the UNICEF China compound in Beijing in April, 2019.

We offer a dynamic and multi-cultural environment in the development and humanitarian field.

A variety of tools such as training, coaching, mentoring, e-learning, stretch assignments, lateral reassignments and mobility exercises allow staff to expand their scope of experience and acquire new skills. Colleagues around the world will attest that this allows them to grow both professionally as well as personally. Finally, dedicated programs for senior managers ensure that we offer support for the organization's leadership.

Staff contracts

Fixed-term appointment

Fixed-term appointments are typically for a period of two years and renewable subject to the needs of the organization. Employees under a fixed-term appointment are considered UNICEF staff. Fixed-term contracts can be issued in three categories of staff: International Professional, National Officer and General Service categories.

Temporary appointment

Temporary appointments are time-limited appointments issued for less than one year to meet specific short-term requirements, including in response to emergencies. Temporary appointments can be issued in all three categories of UNICEF staff. Staff members recruited under a temporary appointment modality receive a full salary but slightly reduced benefits. Temporary appointments can be issued in three categories of staff: International Professional, National Officer and General Service categories.

Compensation and Benefits

UNICEF has three staff categories:

  • International Professional (IP)
  • National Officer (NO) staff
  • General Service (GS)

Staff categories define the type of role staff have in the organization. All three categories of staff (IP, GS and NO) offer temporary appointment and fixed-term appointment contracts. Staff on temporary appointment (TA) and fixed-term (FT) appointments will have the same base salaries while TA staff will receive slightly reduced benefits.

International Professional (IP)

In the professional and higher categories, staff are normally recruited internationally. IP staff will receive a salary which is paid on the basis of a worldwide scale and receive benefits, which take account of dependents and the cost of living at the duty station. Learn more about base salaries, post adjustments and other benefits of IP staff United Nations' Careers. For more information, visit the websites of the International Civil Service Commission.

National Officer (NO) Staff

Staff members in this category are recruited and paid on a local basis. They are paid a salary according to a local salary scale. Salary scales are reviewed periodically on the basis of comprehensive surveys of the best prevailing conditions of employment in the locality. Learn more about tax exemption, allowances and benefits, holidays and leave benefits, health insurance, and retirement pension for NO staff United Nations' Careers.

General Service (GS)

Staff members in these categories are normally recruited and paid on a local basis and are paid a salary according to a local salary scale. Salary scales are reviewed periodically on the basis of comprehensive surveys of the best prevailing conditions of employment in the locality. Learn more about tax exemption, allowances and benefits, holidays and leave, health insurance, and retirement pension benefits of GS staff on the United Nations' Careers.

UN Volunteers (UNV)

Note that UN Volunteers (UNV) assigned to UNICEF follow the UNV policy on allowances and entitlements. Visit the UNV website for details on country volunteers and international volunteers.