Every Child ALIVE

We can prevent newborn and child deaths

A newborn baby

China has made significant advancements to reduce under-five mortality. However, there is still work to do in preventing newborn death.

A child’s birth and the 28 days that follow are the most dangerous period of her life. Around half of all under-five children who died in 2017 were newborns.

These children are not dying because we don’t have the tools to save them. Most newborn deaths are caused by preventable and treatable conditions: complications due to prematurity or during delivery, and congenital disabilities.

However, affordable treatment and reliable interventions are not yet reaching every mother and child who need them most – mortality rates remain high in more impoverished, rural areas.

No parents should experience the heartbreak of watching their child suffer or die.

We can and must do better.

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Help to save newborn lives

We can end preventable newborn and child deaths in our lifetime.

We need governments, health-care workers, communities and families to come together to provide affordable, quality health care for every mother and baby, starting with the most vulnerable.

UNICEF is calling for affordable treatment and reliable interventions for all children in China, starting with four main pillars:

Health Collaboration

Continue to collaborate with the National Health Commission of China


Focus on delivering affordable and reliable healthcare to children living in poor households

Health Worker Training

Ensure health workers receive the training and tools they need

Data Collection

Collect better data for effective policymaking

Take action

We believe that a future where every child is born to thrive is not only possible but necessary. Together with you, we will work to make this a reality.