UNICEF Tenders

Opportunities to become a supplier to UNICEF

A 10-year-old girl sits in a tented class at a community-based school in Laghman, Afghanistan, in 2017.

Supplies are essential to the work of fulfilling children’s rights. UNICEF-procured supplies support child survival and development programmes around the world.

Our tender process

UNICEF follows a competitive tendering process to select suppliers for its programmes and operations. Below are three ways to stay up-to-date and supply goods and services to UNICEF.

Register to become a supplier with UNICEF via the United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM) website.

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Regularly check this page and respond to tender notices in China displayed below.

Send UNICEF China an e-mail to tenderbid@unicef.org with your questions or expressions of interest and we’ll get in contact with you when a suitable request for tender is available.

List of available tenders

List of available tenders

Events for suppliers

Events for suppliers