Frequently asked questions



Q: What does the acronym UNICEF stand for?

A: UNICEF was founded in 1946 when the official name was the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF). In 1953, the name changed to the United Nations Children's Fund, but the original English abbreviation remained.

Q: What is the relationship between UNICEF and the United Nations?

A: To meet the urgent needs of European and Asian children after World War II, the United Nations established UNICEF as a temporary relief agency foundation on 11 December 1946. In 1950, UNICEF's mandate was extended to address the long-term needs of children and mothers in all developing countries around the world. In 1953, UNICEF became a permanent member of the UN system. Currently, UNICEF is the only organization within the UN system dedicated to promoting and safeguarding children's rights to subsistence, development, protection and participation worldwide. The UN General Assembly commissions it, but the budget as a whole is independent of the UN system. UNICEF funds are all from voluntary contributions from governments, foundations, companies, businesses and individuals.

Q: How does UNICEF work in China?

A: UNICEF has accumulated experience through demonstration projects in impoverished rural areas and urban fringe communities. After innovative project models and successful experiences show effective results, we support the government to use its budget to promote it on a larger scale. UNICEF also assists the government in advocating for children's rights; supports the collection and dissemination of statistics on the situation of children; and provides advice and technical support for the development of public policies related to children.

Q: Why do two websites with different URLs appear on the UNICEF website?

A: UNICEF's global official website address is and is available in several languages including English, Spanish, French, Arabic and Chinese. The website is maintained by UNICEF headquarters in New York. To better understand the specific situation of UNICEF and its cooperation projects in China, UNICEF China officially launched in 2012. Both websites are official UNICEF websites, and the information they publish is accurate and valid.

Q: How does UNICEF ensure that funds are used appropriately and effectively?

A: UNICEF country offices receive regular internal and external audits. The internal audit is performed by the UNICEF Internal Audit Office and is reported directly to the UNICEF Executive Director. The International Institute of Internal Auditors, the authority for the establishment of professional standards for internal auditors in the United States, conducted a quality assurance assessment of UNICEF and found that the UNICEF Internal Audit Office met the criteria for performing internal audit tasks. The external audit of UNICEF country offices is carried out by the United Nations General Assembly by selecting a group of auditors from among the supreme audit institutions of the member states. The audit report of the United Nations Board of Auditors is a public document and is submitted to the United Nations General Assembly for public review.

UNICEF’s financial management system can monitor the overall income and expenditure of country offices. UNICEF pays project partners for project activities agreed upon by both parties following established agreements. Contracts for performing specific tasks must be determined by an internal “Contract Review Board” through a rigorous review and review process. According to the specific contract content, the bidding system may be adopted in the transparent review process. UNICEF handles the materials and equipment provided for UNICEF-supported projects in accordance with a strictly controlled and fully transparent procurement process. UNICEF staff tracks and supervises the issuance of purchased materials until the goods arrive at their destination.

Q: Please tell us about the source and quantity of UNICEF funding.

A: UNICEF funds are all from voluntary contributions. These donations come mainly from governments, intergovernmental agencies, companies and individuals. In 2010, UNICEF raised more than $3.5 billion in funding for its aid projects around the world. From 2011 to 2015, UNICEF China plans to raise about 900 million yuan for various aid projects in China.

Q: How does UNICEF raise funds from businesses and individuals?

A: UNICEF has a total of 37 national committees that are responsible for advocacy and fundraising in the industrialized countries and regions in which they operate. These committees initiate fundraising initiatives, organize charitable activities, establish and maintain information databases, hold seminars or training sessions, and raise funds through direct mail and sales of greeting cards. All of this effort is aimed at raising public awareness and giving them a clearer picture of the challenges faced by children and women in developing countries. UNICEF has several corporate fundraising partners, including Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, the IKEA Social Work Group, FC Barcelona and other businesses and organizations that are helping UNICEF raise funds. UNICEF China provides financial support through partnerships with international and domestic private companies.

Q: How does UNICEF protect personal information from being leaked?

A: UNICEF allows third-party service providers to assist us in providing services. We may, through the assistance of a third-party service provider, liaise with you to improve the quality of our services, such as sending us an email or letter on our behalf, verifying your information by phone, and understanding your intentions to ensure that you get it in time. These third-party service providers are only aware of or contact your personal information to provide services on our behalf. All service providers are strictly required to protect personal information and may not use the information we provide for any other purpose.

Q: How many offices does UNICEF have in China?

A: UNICEF has only one office in China, located in Beijing.

Q: How can I buy UNICEF greeting cards and gifts in China?

A: The UNICEF China office no longer sells greeting cards directly. Haoyang Greeting Card (China) Co., Ltd. is the only officially authorized UNICEF greeting card and gift retailer in mainland China. Their contact details are:

Hao Yang cards (China) Co., Ltd.

Tel: (021) 68586101

Shanghai Pudong New District Hi-Tech Road No. 551

is still electrically Building 7th Floor Room A706

Postal Code 200126

Q: Is UNICEF a non-governmental organization (NGO)?

Answer: No. UNICEF is a UN agency. We are an intergovernmental organization that works in China at the request of the Chinese government.

Q: Can I work as a volunteer for UNICEF?

A: We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the friends who are interested in becoming volunteers to support UNICEF. As an intergovernmental development organization, we operate differently with charities and NGOs and do not rely primarily on volunteers to carry out field projects. Our projects are development-oriented projects, which are to identify the distressed children who need assistance with their partners, carry out pilot projects for their needs, and provide proven and effective project models to relevant government departments for reference and promotion, thus benefiting more children. The way we work means that we require stable and long-term work by professionals.

Q: How can I support the work of UNICEF?

A: There are many ways to support UNICEF's work, such as understanding children's rights, sharing valuable information about difficult children with your friends, and joining UNICEF's monthly donation program. For more information, please visit the "Support Us" section of this website.

Q: How do I get a job or internship at UNICEF?

A: UNICEF is always recruiting experienced and highly qualified Chinese professional development staff to join our team. If you are interested in applying for a current vacant position, please visit our Recruitment page.

Q: I applied for a vacant position at UNICEF. When will you contact me?

A: All applicants must submit their resume before the deadline specified in the recruitment information, together with a complete UN Personal Resume (P11 Form). All materials should be in English and sent to the specified email address. The subject of the email should contain the specific job number of the job being applied for. Unfortunately, we only send written notice to first-time qualified job seekers. Since UNICEF receives too many job applications, please understand that it is not possible to reply to each and every one.

Q: Does UNICEF charge a management fee for donations received?

A: UNICEF funds are all from voluntary contributions. For the donations received, UNICEF spends less than 10 per cent of its funds on administrative expenses.

Q: Can I donate old toys, old books or old clothes to poor children through UNICEF?

A: We are grateful for the goodwill of the public to provide in-kind donations. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept in-kind donations for children. The way we operate our projects and the organizational structure is not suitable for receiving, processing, storing and transporting donated goods. However, many reputable non-profit organizations in the country can receive in-kind donations.

Q: Can UNICEF help my child pay for a large medical bill?

A: We deeply sympathize with your child's condition. Unfortunately, our collaborative projects are developmental projects that provide the government with proven project models and practices that benefit the broader range of children through pilot projects. Therefore, we have different ways of working with NGOs, and we cannot raise funds for a single child, and there is no one-on-one assistance. We hope you understand and sincerely wish your child a speedy recovery.

Q: Can I help individual children by donating money to UNICEF?

A: UNICEF is a development-oriented cooperative organization that does not participate in one-on-one child support activities. There are some reputable non-profit organizations in the country that are developing child support programs.

Q: I have encountered difficulties in donating money to UNICEF.

A: Please contact us at (86-10) 85312666, 85312640 or 85312644.

Q: Can I donate money for UNICEF work in other countries?

A: Yes. If you wish to contribute to children affected by emergencies in other countries, UNICEF China can accept your donation and forward it to UNICEF headquarters or to the country office for assistance.

Q: Can UNICEF help me adopt a child?

Answer: We cannot. UNICEF has never been involved in helping families adopt children. If you are interested in adopting a child, please contact your local civil affairs department. Please be cautious and ensure that the best interests of the child are protected and that the process is in strict accordance with the relevant laws and regulations governing adoption.