#ChooseKindness this school year

Being kind is the simplest action you can take to end violence and help others.

A student presents the results from a group discussion on how to help victims of school bullying to the class at Xinzhai Primary School in Cangyuan, Yunnan Province, on 13 July, 2019.
UNICEF/China/2019/Ma Yuyuan

Videos about kindness

Link to video on it's hosted site.
UNICEF ambassador Wang Yuan participates in social and emotional learning lessons at a primary school in Cangyuan, Yunnan Province, and calls for prevention of school bullying.
Link to video on it's hosted site.
UNICEF supporters BTS have today - on UN International Day of Friendship - released an exclusive video that calls on young people to brighten someone’s day with kindness, as part of UNICEF’s campaign to #ENDviolence in and around schools.

Ways of showing kindness

You can show kindness online or in-person. Below are simple actions you can take to show someone you appreciate him or her.

Try it for yourself!

Remind someone they are important online.

tag a friend

Tag your friend in a positive message on Weibo using the hashtag #ChooseKindness

DM someone

Send someone a direct message telling them why they’re great.

Remind someone they are important in person.

Write a note

Write a note to your friend telling them why they’re great.

Thumb up

Write a positive message and leave it someplace where they can see it.

Anonymous note

Leave an anonymous kind message for someone who needs it.

#Choosekindness on Weibo

People all over China are tagging others online and reminding them why they’re great.

Share your act of kindness with UNICEF by using the hashtag #ChooseKindness.

Or search for #ChooseKindness on Weibo to have a look at how others are showing kindness.

Finally, help us complete the survey below and share your thoughts on bullying.

Go further

Want to bring more kindness into your community? Then stand up and speak out to #ENDviolence.

In Villanueva, Honduras, Darwin, 16, sits in the classroom he shared with his friend Henry. Henry committed suicide in September 2016. According to a teacher, the close friends were targeted by bullies. "I was hit very hard," says Darwin, "I still can't get over it."

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