Promoting the Development and Implementation of the Putting Children First (PCF) Principle in China Advocacy Note

The Putting Children First (PCF) Advocacy Note


The Putting Children First (PCF) Advocacy Note summarizes UNICEF China’s proposal for promoting the children’s wellbeing and the implementation of the PCF principle in China. Based on the policy review and analysis, the Note starts with an overview of China’s national policy framework on PCF, followed by exploring the policy space for further prioritizing children’s needs in China, then continued by sectoral analysis on issues related to child development in the country, and ended with the relevant policy recommendations. Several priority areas related to child development are identified by UNICEF China, including multidimensional poverty, social assistance, children with disability, early childhood development and education for children aged 0-6 years old, vocational education, health, child protection, and child-friendly city. At the same time, the Appendix of the Note provides a quick reference of key indicators needed for tracking and monitoring the progress and challenges in promoting children’s wellbeing in China.