#FixMyFood Campaign in China

I Want Healthier Food


Children’s health is being impacted by a flood of readily available cheap, ultra-processed food including sugar-sweetened beverages that is marketed aggressively to children and young people in China. To improve children’s health and well-being, UNICEF is working to close the floodgates with the Government and other partners to create a food environment that promotes nutritious, affordable, appealing and sustainable diets.

In February 2023, UNICEF East Asia and Pacific Regional Office (EAPRO) launched a multiyear, multi-country campaign called #FixMyFood. The campaign aims to empower youth to advocate for healthier food environments and to drive demand for effective government policies. As part of this campaign, UNICEF China built on its previous #KnowYourFood campaign, which aimed to improve nutrition literacy among children, adolescents and parents and empower them to make informed decisions among the available food options. The ‘#FixMyFood - I Want Healthier Food’ campaign was implemented in China from 2 September to 14 October 2023.

#FixMyFood Campaign in China
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