Generation Unlimited

Generation Unlimited


Young people today live in a world of unlimited potential. A world of mass connectivity, enhanced mobility and unprecedented technological progress. A world in which more children survive and receive an education than ever before. With education, skills and opportunities that are relevant to their lives and future employment, more than 1.8 billion young women and men will be poised to make the most of their potential and contribute to the peace and prosperity of their families and communities.1 But the reverse is also true. A changing global economy is putting an onus on them to acquire skills aligned with dynamic labour needs at a time when many education systems are struggling to deliver better learning outcomes for young people. The skills needed in the workforce are also in transition. Digitalization, technological change and automation make many jobs vulnerable while also creating new opportunities for young people with adaptable knowledge and skills. As young people face these realities, we are also learning more about the critical importance of the adolescent years, which shape a range of outcomes and skills formation – from brain development to psychosocial skills and executive function. For adolescents and young people, empowerment and the opportunity to have their voices heard and participate in the decisions that affect their lives are particularly important for their well-being. When young people are prepared, and empowered, they can use their energy, creativity and talent to turn an uncertain landscape into a world of opportunity – for themselves and us all.

Generation Unlimited
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