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Child Welfare Program

Child Welfare Program

In remote villages in China, many children cannot enjoy a carefree childhood. They become "small adults" at home because of poverty and illness suffered by their family members. Since 2010, we have set up Barefoot Social Workers - Child Welfare Directors in 200 villages in Shanxi, Henan, Sichuan, Yunnan, and Xinjiang to give every girl and boy a childhood. Today, with support from Child Welfare Directors, nearly 200,000 disadvantaged children’s lives  have been improved, with access to adequate food and clothing, healthcare, school education, care and love.  Even a small amount of support can go a long way!

UNICEF provides life-saving humanitarian assistance.

UNICEF provides life-saving humanitarian assistance.

At the other side of the world, violent conflicts still rage in the Middle East and North Africa, and Syria is still in smoke. 28 million children around the world have to leave their homes because of wars or natural disasters. Many of them have no shelter, no sufficient clothes for the winter, and no clean water. They are in danger at all times. In conflicts, children are most vulnerable and innocent, but suffer so much. Your support will help bring more hope to them.

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Since 1979, UNICEF has been carrying out programmes in remote areas of China. These programmes provide support and assistance to children in need from several perspectives: healthcare, nutrition, water and sanitation, education, child protection and welfare. More specifically, these programmes also look to address issues related to maternal and child health, child-friendly schools, and early childhood development. Your kind donation will be used to help Chinese children to meet their most urgent needs through our projects.

Newborn child, China.

Save the lives of new-born babies

Newborn babies are likely to suffer from asphyxia, low temperature, infection or even death in short time. In China, about 248 newborns die every day. In rural areas, the mortality rate is twice that of urban areas. These deaths can be prevented and avoided through simple and effective measures. Since 2016, we have worked with the National Health Commission to implement the Safe Neonatal Project in 20 counties in Ningxia, Qinghai, Sichuan and Guizhou to reduce neonatal mortality.
We need your help to save more newborn babies!


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