Multidimensional Child Poverty Reduction in China

Application of multidimensional child poverty measurement system



  • Reflect on the multidimensional perspectives, to explore for a multidimensional child poverty identification system which fits into Chinese context.
  • Develop a scientific statistical monitoring system to dynamically monitor the poverty status of the children.
  • Insist on targeted poverty alleviation, to provided integrated intervention to address multidimensional child poverty based on accurate understanding of the issue.
  • Actively carry out pilot projects, and develop dedicated programs for multidimensional child poverty reduction.
  • Encourage social organizations to make explorations and innovations in multidimensional child poverty reduction.
  • Promote for grassroots level government to provide sustainable interventions for multidimensional child poverty 
Multidimensional Child Poverty Reduction in China
Zhang Keyun, College of Humanities and Development, China Agricultural University
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